Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#REVIEW:Philippians: Discovering Joy through Relationship by Sue Edwards

Title: Philippians: Discovering Joy through Relationship
Author: Sue Edwards
Series: Discover Together Bible Study
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Published Date: November 27, 2015
Genre: Inductive Bible Study
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Synopsis: A "how-to" study for finding joy in authentic relationships and community.

Women long for healthy, deep relationships with those around them. Knowing what those look like can be tricky, however. Where do we go to seek them? How can we approach them? How can we maintain those relationships, despite our own weaknesses?
Sue Edwards is happy to lead the way through Scripture to discover and maintain beloved, organic friendships. Paul's letter to early Christians is an ideal place to find these answers. This short letter highlights the skills that strengthen authentic connections--skills like trust, humility, healthy self-sacrifice, a generous spirit, and more. It also sheds light on how to overcome toxic connection-killers like envy, comparison, and critical attitudes.
Philipians: Discovering Joy Through Relationship works its way through Paul's words as a model for deep, authentic community and healthy relationships between believers. When readers reach the end, they'll have a thorough sense of the content of this ancient letter, and of its relevance for today. Although Paul was under house arrest, he was able to draw joy from his relationships, and we can do the same, no matter our circumstances. Edwards strives to ensure that this Bible study will do more than transfer intellectual information; it will also transform hearts and inspire practice and application.

My rating: 4 Stars

My review: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first Discover Together Bible study I have come across. I love  inductive Bible studies, those that guide you to find the answers for yourself within Scripture. I find it to be a very rewarding method of Scripture study. Rather than reading someone else's interpretation of the Bible, you are digging into it yourself and making your own connections.
This particular one is all about how we find joy through the relationships around us and how those relationships help us through difficult times in our lives.
It is kind of hard to do this as an individual study. It really is geared towards a small group, There are plenty of external sources you can use: videos through the website or accessed by a QR code, as well as leader guides.
Overall, it is a good inductive study, but more geared to the small group, not the individual seeker.

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