Monday, October 3, 2016

#REVIEW: NKJV Word Study Bible

Title: NKJV Word Study Bible
Author/Editor: N/A
Series: none
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Published Date: September 27, 2016
ISBN: 9780718076566
Genre: Study Bible
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Synopsis: The NKJV Word Study Bible includes in-text subheadings and 1,700 easy-to-use word studies with select Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words explained in every chapter from Genesis to Revelation, helping you dig deeper into your Bible study. By looking into these ancient texts we are able to read scripture as it was originally written and passed on from generation to generation, bringing these words to life and allowing you to almost hear Jesus teaching on the hillside or crying out to God on the cross. As you study you will discover the richness and significance of the original languages of the Word of God and experience scripture in a whole new way.
Features Include:
• NKJV paragraph-style text with in-text subheadings and translators' notes
• Book introductions
• Words of Christ in red
• Word studies
• Indexes
• Concordance

My Rating: 3 stars

My Review: I received a copy of this Bible in exchange for an honest review.
For someone just starting to delve deeper into their Bible, this is a good start. However, it is a frustrating start. Many of the words end up pointing to other parts of the Bible, so the student is stuck going back and forth between where they currently are in the Bible and some other passage. For instance, 1 Samuel 28:7 has the word medium underlined. At that point, it points you to 1 Chronicles 10:13. Once you flip to there, it does tell you 4 different places within Scripture where the same Hebrew word is located. It does give a decent description of the word and explains how it got that meaning within the culture. It uses both Strong's word number and Vine's definition in its definition.
Again, this Bible is a good start. For someone who has done other word studies, sometimes you want more meat to it. There's so much more to the words than just a definition, there's the cultural aspect to it, which could be misinterpreted.
Overall, it's a great Bible to start someone down on the path of great word studies within the Bible.

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